Why do these negative complaints rank so high for my business name?

You may have noticed that bad reviews and negative articles rank very high in google and other search engines,and appear in the first few positions when you search for your name or business in Google.

There are thousands of different factors that affect why a website ranks in a position in a search engine for a search term.

It is a very complex matter, but in short it can be broken down into five major factors.

  1. How authoritative and powerful are the websites that the negative comments are posted on?
  2. How many people visit this website daily and weekly?
  3. How long has this negative information been online?
  4. The number and the quality of the links that point to the website and the negative information within the website
  5. The strength and authority of all the other websites that rank on page 1 and compete with it when people search for you.

So how do I hide bad things about me in search results?hide+suppress+negative+damaging+search_results+protect_reputation

It is very easy to think that you are succeeding online when you have a website and some social media profiles, but this alone will not allow you to dominate search results or rank above negative and unflattering comments about you or your business. If you want to protect your online image and repair the damage to your reputation you must compete with powerful review websites, forums, news websites,  social media platforms,  scam reports,  Wikipedia posts etc… and any other well-established websites that can easily cause you problems in terms of search results.

In order to have a complete grip on your business brand, and control your image, you have to do more than just have a few positive assets on page 1. If you are serious about suppressing and hiding negative content you have to use professionals.

Reputation management is one of the essential tools in order to compete and get ahead in the online world. It is not just a simple fix up job, it is the evolution of your online image and the way you appear online as a business. By taking control and using a complete network of sites and profiles to manage and maintain your online image, you get to control what people see, and what people think.negative+things+about+me+rank+high+search+engines+damage+reputation

By having strong and authoritative social media profiles, directories, websites, mini-sites and blogging platforms,  videos,  images,  and controlling all types of online content, you not only hide and suppress negative content but you have a fully equipped marketing tool to project the things you want to project as a business.

Build a positive brand image and protect your business online

If you really want to put out the correct image and build your brand you have to be serious about it. Sometimes it is not until you have something negative online that you have to face the situation as it is, and make steps to make the situation much more positive for you in the future. By utilising the power of reputation management and outranking damaging content you can compete with the best in your industry.

Do you have a bad reputation on the Internet?

Taking control of how you are perceived online allows you to move away from the fragile position, to having a substantial advantage over your competitors, AND a new way of engaging with, and obtaining new customers…Taking your business to the next level.

Get help repairing your internet reputation and protecting your online image!

Why do these negative complaints rank so high for my business name?