When Google Will Not Remove Your Information

In what circumstances will Google not remove personal information from search results?

Importantly we must point out the Google can not DELETE information from the internet. Once it is there, it is there permanently. Google is a search engine, which means that it helps people find web pages. Google is not the internet, it just crawls the internet. So Google will not delete your personal information, it would just stop indexing the particular page that has the negative search result.

However you have to request this from Google and they will then decide whether they will do it or not. It is on a case by case basis so they will only help you if you meet a certain criteria.

If they stop showing it, it’s still there…

For example, If Google stopped displaying this website in search results, the website would still be here, and you could find it on Facebook, Twitter, Business Directories, other search engines, and thousands of other places. If you request that they don’t display


But what if they won’t remove it from search results?

Then you have to bury it, and make sure that people do not see it anymore… But how?

This is online reputation management. We protect individuals and businesses from negative search results that damage their reputation. We develop a network of optimised content that you control. And we hide all negative search results lower down where no one will see it anymore.


We flush out image search results as well. We ensure that your online reputation is protected and secure.


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When Google Will Not Remove Your Information