What to look for in a reputation management company

Bad-business-reputationIf you are thinking about getting a reputation management company to repair damage to your credibility online you need to ask some questions…

How will you repair my online reputation?

There are a lot of reputation management companies out there so how do you choose the right one for you? We insist on telling you how we repair your reputation and what you will get from a campaign. We build you a network of websites, social profiles and positive information. You also have full control of these profiles and we update and manage them so that people find positive information when they search for you, rather than anything negative.

How long does reputation management take?

This all depends on what your search results look like. Websites have different page ranks, and this means that a website with a high page rank is harder to remove from page 1 than a website with a low page rank. Reputation management is more complex when you are trying to hide a news website compared to the work needed to replace a blog or forum post.

We provide you realistic time frames and do not hold you to a contract. This means that you do not have to pay for a year. You can stay as long as you like and only if you are happy with our service. This is because we are so proud of how effective our reputation protection and repair campaigns are.

Can I afford to pay a reputation management company?


You really have to think about how important your reputation is to you. Think about how much a customer is worth to you, and then think about how much business your negative reputation is costing you. A poor online image takes money from you, so if you are losing customers and you have a value on each customer you can start to do the maths.


It is always cheaper to pay for reputation management than to continue with a bad image. You have to understand the value that a reputation management campaign gives you.

If you need to fix your online reputation it is clear that you need to pay an expert. Can you afford not to? When your competitors are getting new customers and enjoying their strong online image you will suffer because of your bad reputation.

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What to look for in a reputation management company