What have we learned from leaked celebrity photos?

The dust has settled on the first celebrity photo scandal dubbed “The Fappening” – For those of you not aware, it seems that celebrities have been the victim of hackers who managed to gain access to their iCloud accounts and find their personal pictures. These where then shared online and spread through the internet.

This has raised questions and discussion about our personal privacy on the Internet and how best to protect ourselves.

Victoria Justice was a victim of leaked images

1 – If they can get celebrities they can get us too

2 – Nothing you share online is private

3- Privacy settings in social media doesn’t count for much

4 – It is extremely difficult to remove something once it’s up

5- Never trust a social network, app, or software to protect your privacy

6- Everything we post online is stored somewhere

7- Never trust cloud based storage with anything personal or private

8 – Prevention is better than cure!

9 – Delete or remove anything you don’t want people to see from your phone & computers

10 – Beware of friends on social networks that have access to your personal content

How safe is your reputation online?

SnapChat has been the most recent news story… it has been claimed that personal images from users has also found its way on to the Internet despite it being developed specifically to prevent your personal photos being stored and leaked on to the Internet. Since this event many people have worried about how safe they are and if there are going to be new threats to our privacy… you can bet there will.

We have to ensure that you don’t share, post, upload or even take pictures of yourself in embarrassing situations if you don’t want it to come back and haunt you.

Your personal reputation is important and can be easily damaged on the Internet.

Repairing the damage

protect+personal+reputation+online+images+search+resultsOnce personal information and images are on the internet they are very difficult to remove. When an image is copied and shared, it multiplies. So what begins as a personal picture, can soon become a hundred files, then a thousand, and on and on…

So what can you do to protect yourself from negative images and content online?

We can help. Reputation Station specialises in protecting and repairing your personal reputation!


Hiding Personal Images in Search Results

Potential employees, clients, friends and family members often search for people online so if they see images of you that you don’t want them to see, you can protect yourself. Personal reputation management is a service we provide that flushes out and demotes negative content of any kind.

We replace images, videos, articles, websites, social profiles, blogs and anything negative with a complete network of highly optimised content so that we dominate the search results and remove all negative from view.

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What have we learned from leaked celebrity photos?