We can remove your Google Business Listing

Is your Google Business Listing damaging your reputation?

We can remove negative reviews that harm your business image and credibility, and we can also remove the whole listing if it is causing you too much negative attention!

delete google business listingIf you set up a Google business listing, or Google Maps listing for your business you may have thought you were helping to build your brand. There are many opportunities to grow and develop your business… But what happens when your listing has negative reviews that you can’t get rid of and it becomes a major negative for your online reputation?

Does your Google Listing have negative reviews and complaints?

You may have tried to remove the negative reviews on your Google listing. It can be very hard to get any success by reporting it. Many Google employees are not concerned that someone has created a fake account and then written complaints about your business in order to damage your reputation. And now anyone that searches for your business will read bad reviews and comments that you don’t want them to see.

remove google my business listing
We can remove your google listing

What is worse, is that something you hoped would help you get more business, is now losing you business.

When people search for your company and see bad reviews, they decide to go somewhere else.

Even if they were just checking for a phone number or your address, suddenly they read negative comments from unhappy customers, and decide that maybe it would be best to go with a different company.



We can delete your Google Maps & Google Business listing

If you have tried to delete your account you will know that the listing still stays there at the top right hand side, but you no longer have any ability to login and access the listing.

Don’t worry! We can help. We can remove your business listing and make sure that people don’t find all the negative reviews and complaints that are tarnishing your business image.

If you need help removing or hiding your Google listing, contact us now.

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We can remove your Google Business Listing