Top Tips For Protecting Your Reputation

We help many clients who have fallen victim to attacks on their online privacy. Protecting your reputation is becoming increasingly important as employers are searching through candidates to see what shows up on the internet before offering them positions in their company.

In the same way, potential customers are researching businesses before deciding whether they should buy their products or services. A PR nightmare costs big time! Here are our top tips for protecting your online reputation  

social-media-reputation-protectionBe careful what you put online

Posting pictures on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular sites is a fun way to share your life and connect with friends… but be careful what you put up. Photos of you drunk, rawcus and out of control are best left offline. By all means let loose but maybe don’t put EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET!

Check your Social Media Privacy Settings

You can share your moments with friends, let them see your status updates but do you really need everyone reading about you? Your reputation can easily be harmed by writing something online that you may later regret.
We are frequently asked to help remove, hide or replace negative search results from social media websites. Forums and blogs are common areas where what you say can come back to haunt

When Buying Online Check it’s Secure

It’s easy and fun to shop online. You can also get great deals by getting your goods and services on the internet, but becoming the victim of fraud is easier than you may think. Always check that your connection is secure and that trusted payment systems are available.

Think Twice When Posting Comments

Free speech is so important. The internet gives everyone a voice and we urge everyone to use it. But with great power comes great responsibility. Posting negative and hurtful comments on a Forum, Blog or social media site is a very dangerous thing to do. We are increasingly more visible online. Our anonymity is being diminished so you may think you are protected behind the screen but big brother is watching.

Protect Your Web Searches

The NSA isn’t the only group spying on your internet searches, emails and computer clicks. Even heads of the CIA are having their personal reputations damaged by technology. Using VPNs and protecting your IP is a way of protecting your digital privacy and reducing threats to your online reputation.

If your name or business is harmed by negative search results, reputation management can protect and repair damage. Contact us today for a free quote and take back control of your image.

Top Tips For Protecting Your Reputation