Threats To Business Reputation

With the explosion of the Internet, and in particular Google and social media, there are huge threats to your business image and reputation online.

Customers have never had so much information at their fingertips when making buying decisons. The increase in connectivity and interaction between people has meant that a businesses reputation can me made or broken by what shows up in searches for them online.

24 Hour Business Life  &  Social Media Management

When a customer has a bad experience they can quickly go to social media and complain about your business. This had lead to meltdowns in some of the biggest companies and brands when news breaks of a scandal.

Customers have so much




Building Brand Credibility in search results


We specialise in business reputation management and work on all geographical versions of Google. The worst thing you can do is ignore negative search results and hope they go away. While they are still there on page 1, they will be destroying your image, and people’s perception of your business.

Protecting your business image, brand and reputation online is one of the most important factors to consider in this new age


The damaging affect of negative business reviews

A bad review is a red flag and warning sign to any potential customer. They read a complaint about your business and they trust what other people say. When you are making a purchasing decision and you have never dealt with that company before it is extremely influential.

With so many people doing research about a business before deciding which company to go with, people can very quickly search for your business name online and see what people are saying about you.


Social Media – The Gift & The Curse

There has never been anything more influential in obtaining or losing customers. The fact that people can get in touch with you instantly, read your most up to date news, interact with you and share their thoughts on your company is incredible.

The opportunities to strengthen your brand and build a positive reputation are infinite. But with this opportunity comes some major threats. If you have a bad or non-existent social media presence then this leaves you open to complaints, negative comments and threats to your credibility.

You don’t have to have every social media channel, and you don’t have to be constantly active, but you do have to have a defined strategy and network of channels that customers can make contact with you on. It is not good enough just to be contactable via the website, phone number or email. People now want



How your business social media is managed determines how strong your brand is




Threats To Business Reputation