The Cost of having a bad reputation

We see it all the time. Someone in the spotlight who was the big star, could do nothing wrong, was invincible… Suddenly falls from grace.

For example a popular actor may be on TV, doing magazine shoots, and lapping up the attention until on day they something on Twitter, which people don’t like and then find themselves scratching for a part in a pantomime before they know what’s hit them!

A poor reputation is an absolute disaster for a business

When analyzing the cost of a bad reputation you can do some simple maths. How much does a new customer pay you on average?

Let’s say you own a restaurant and have bad reviews. A family might page £80 for a meal. If they read negative reviews and decide against eating at your restaurant you miss out on £80. But this stays on the Internet and a lot of people see them. So even 10 people a month means you lose out on £800 a month.

But this is very conservative… Review websites are extremely popular and hundreds of people will see reviews on your restaurant every month. This means £8,000 a month of lost business.

The Cost of Bad Reputation is huge and it isn’t a one off cost!

A poor reputation is like having a hole in your bucket. Money is draining out all the time and the quicker you fix it, the sooner you can stop losing money. Putting off repairing your reputation is basically throwing your money away. Fixing your business reputation is crucial.

If you have anything bad that shows up in search results and loses you money, the worst thing you can do is nothing. Leaving it there and ignoring it will only cost you more in lost business. You have to take it seriously and fix the problem.

The cost of not repairing damage to your reputation far outweighs the cost of fixing it.

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The Cost of having a bad reputation