Suppress Negative Search Results

Please help me suppress negative search results in Google!

Can I hide and bury negative search results that are harming my reputation?


business+reputation-managementThere are many things to be considered when you find negative search results when you look for your name or business. Your next move is incredibly important to your future.

How you tackle the situation now will define how you move on from here.

With online brand awareness increasing businesses now realise how much of an impact on their bottom line, negative search results have.

Negative search results destroy your credibility and remove trust. When a potential customer reads bad reviews, complaints and forum arguments… they run a mile. Why wouldn’t they?

Negative reviews, scam reports, and complaints undermine all of your efforts and can take your business down. Your business runs on reputation. If you have a bad reputation you have a bad business.

What people see when they are looking for you, determines your online reputation.


Negative search results on page 1 of Google

Negative search results can occur in many ways… bad reviews, complaints, social media posts, news articles etc…

In business terms it could be a disgruntled former client or employee that is attacking your image, a customer service call, a faulty product or general bad services.

Hiding Negative Search Results

We can remove negative or unflattering content on the first page of results

What is search result suppression?

You have to bury the negative articles under positive websites

raise positive content higher in search engines, essentially burying content farther down the page.

This means that in order to bury a strong website, these new profiles must be optimised to compete with, and outrank the negative.

Generally negative search results are on established websites and are linked to, and shared around the internet. This means that they are popular in Google’s eyes, as they appeal to their complex algorithm.



Google reputation repair strategies must be implemented

We can help

An online reputation suppression strategy is based on moving existing and newly created positive search results higher in search results in order to move down or ‘suppress’ negative search results.

search-results_suppression.jpgDeciding on the right online reputation management strategy can be a challenge. Most reputation problems pertain to bad reviews, negative blog posts or online newspaper articles.

Since most reputation problems cannot be removed, a reputation management strategy centered around ‘suppression’ is most often most effective.

In order to suppress negative search results a few points should be addressed.

Suppress Negative Search Results