Social Media Management & Branding

social-media-reputation-managementBuilding and maintain a digital presence, particularly with social media can be difficult for many businesses. The reason for this is that it can take time away from your actual business just in the hope that what you are doing socially will have any benefit.  Because of this many companies either don’t have a strong online presence, or a weak one that does not benefit them.

There is nothing worse than a business Facebook page that has not been updated for 6 months! A half hearted social presence screams that you don’t care, but having a strong presence is important in showing your customers you are a modern, fresh company, and works well in building up a positive brand image online.

We tailor each strategy to suit our client’s needs; as some social media streams are not suitable for all businesses. The strategy taken is also dependent on whether there is already negative content out there online that we are trying to water down with positive information or whether we are just building and protecting our client’s reputation.

We set up relevant social media profiles as well as mini sites (if needed) and maintain them constantly with quality content and news – which is important for SEO as well as branding.  Our team works both autonomously and with the client to ensure that the content fits the client’s brand and voice. We build solid working relationships with our clients so that we can plan content scheduling and know of up and coming events and news. All of our clients can also have the logins and they maintain full control over the profiles.

Cost is dependent on whether we are removing negative reviews or content or whether we are just managing social media and brand building. If we are just managing social media and writing content, we base it on how many posts and articles we will be writing each week and how many we are posting online. We can respond to comments on the client’s behalf or leave that to someone internal. We do prefer to respond ourselves, as the team have many years experience managing campaigns and know how best to write as a business to get the most positive results

Complete Online Reputation Management

In order to have full control of your online image and protect yourself, social media is fundamental. We take care of everything from your websites, to your social profiles, to your SEO and content writing.  For full reputation management services contact us today.

Social Media Management & Branding