Search Engine Result Suppression

What is Search Engine Suppression?

Search engines display what they believe are the most important valuable and relevant search results when somebody puts in a certain search time.

A complex algorithm will determine what shows up on page 1 when someone searches for anything… So when searching for your business, your business website,  and possibly social media profiles display at the top of the search results. This is what you want.

Negative things show up when I search for my business online!

The problem happens when somebody posts something negative about your business. They can rank at the top of page 1 and they damage your credibility and reputation…

Negative Search Results Damaging My Reputation Online

It is sometimes extremely difficult to remove or delete anything from the Internet once it has been published,  and there are not many legal channels you can go down to completely remove the negative search result from showing up.

This is when search engine suppression is the key to protecting and repairing your online reputation.

Put simply search engine suppression is the act of burying and hiding negative search results through complex algorithm changes and search engine optimization techniques. This means developing a network of highly optimized profiles, websites, and search results that appeal to Google’s complex algorithms and provides a more relevant and authoritative asset when a searched tern is searched for.

Online Reputation Management is Search Engine Suppression

By developing strong assets that dominate the search results it is possible to suppress, bury, hide  and remove negative search results from page 1. We can push them down to page 2, 3, 4 etc… as far down as you would like. Search Engine Suppression allows you to take complete control of search engine results and repair your online reputation, so that when people search for you or your business, they find page after page of positive assets that you control. This kind of reputation management shows people to see what you want them to see. If you have negative search results you want people to see all of your positives information and content that encourages them to do business with you and strengthens your image.

Burying and Hiding Negative Search Results

By suppressing negative search results we remove their power and strength so they become less relevant, and fall away so that they’re no longer seen by anybody.

We ensure that you are protected for a variety of search times around your name, so that the defamatory search result is buried right down under a mountain of positive and optimised content that you want people to see.

Negative Search Suppression is one of the most powerful tools for online reputation management and this allows you to promote and build your image at the same time as removing and hiding negative content that is currently damaging your credibility. By taking control of the search resolves you control what people see and you control how you are perceived online. We optimise all of our profiles to encourage new business, allow you to be found more easily, and contacted more easily. We ensure that you are in the strongest situation. It is a complete online marketing foundation that develops your online identity and protects you against any future attacks. Reputation management is one of the most powerful tools for online marketing and image protection available.

If you have any negative search results that you would like to hide, remove, replace or suppress… contact us now for a FREE QUOTE.  You can fill in our contact form or call us for a chat now. We can give you specific answers to all of your questions.

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Search Engine Result Suppression