Reputational Damage

When something damages your reputation the extent of the damage can reach far and wide. In some circumstances people will never think of you the same way again.

The famous quote that it takes years to build a good reputation and just minutes to ruin is just as true now. In fact it can take seconds to damage your online reputation and the effects can be felt years later.

A Negative Brand Reputation can last and last…

If you think about BP for example, it has been years since the dramatic oil spill and the brand is still feeling the effects. Volkswagen have been found to be deliberately cheating on their emissions tests and as a result billions of dollars have been wiped from their value in days.

In the modern day your image and reputation has never been as important and the implications if you have a negative reputation online can be disastrous.

Recovering from a negative online reputation

If you image is in crisis you must act decisively to fix the problem. The financial chaos and trust issues can be felt for a long time so if your brand image has been ruined – how you act will define how successful you will be.

Consumers lose trust in your brand

When people read negative reviews about your business the lack of trust they have for you causes them to take their business elsewhere. People do not want to deal with untrustworthy businesses.

It is so easy for a potential customer to go to another business with a good reputation.


We are experts in reputation management and can repair the damage to your business image. We develop the strategies to overcome the negative, replace bad comments and unsavoury news articles, and ensure that when people see you online, they see what you want them to see.

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Reputational Damage