Reputation Management in 2014

Reputation Management in 2014

Times have changed significantly over the last year with regard to online marketing, particularly SEO and social media. As many know, SEO has shifted in recent years from being very keyword oriented and links based to a more content based medium. Many SEO companies sold packages based on ranking keywords, usually by building low quality links in a short space of time. These methods are well and truly gone, with the advent of changes to Google’s algorithms – namely Panda and Penguin, which focused on ranking websites with good quality content, meaningful social presence among many other things.

Reputation Management too has changed in many ways

And it means different things to different people and businesses. To us, Reputation Management encompasses almost everything with regard to a person or company. If you are business it is crucial to have all the aspects of your online presence covered – social media, your website, monitoring of what is being said online about you, engagement with your target market, brand exposure and the right marketing strategy.

reputation management 2014
Times have changed for content creation!

This is what Reputation Management truly is – a wider range of marketing areas used effectively to benefit your business and brand.

It is important that if you are using social media that you use it in the right way for you. If there are negative comments about your business online it is crucial that the conversation is handled appropriately and with as little damage to the company name as possible. At Reputation Station we are proud that we are always evolving and changing our methods in order to give our clients the best possible results. Google values ‘freshness’, and is something they consider when ranking a website – and it is at the heart of what we do.

Varied, fresh content is one of our mainstays – it is something that internet savvy searchers want – exciting, new, interesting content. We help businesses evolve and stay relevant in today’s constantly changing online environment.

Dealing with the media effectively is a real benefit to any business and there are many ways we can turn a negative article into something positive.

Part of what we do is handle and shape people’s perception of a person or company. Influencing and shaping an opinion is critical in ensuring an effective Reputation Management strategy. 2014 is an exciting time for internet marketers with so many tools at our disposal in which to build, manage and protect the reputations of people and businesses online.


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Reputation Management in 2014