Removing Negative News Articles

Negative News Articles Damage Your Reputation

negative+news_articles_damage+online_reputation (1)Nothing damages your reputation quite like a negative article in a newspaper. Whether it’s a local newspaper article or a national news website like BBC, Daily Mail, Telegraph etc… the damage these can cause to your image is massive.

The problem here is that news articles tend to rank very high in search results and also rank for a variation of your name and the things associated in the page. If it relates to your address, business, family members or anything personal you will find that this article will damage your reputation for many different search terms.

So how do we remove negative news articles?

You may have heard about the EU Right To Be Forgotten law. In some circumstance old and outdated information can be taken down and remove from Google search results. However, this is only applicable in certain situations and will not be approved in all cases.

If Google will not remove the article from search… We can.

negative+news_articles_damage+online_reputation (2)If you are looking to completely remove a negative article that is damaging your credibility you can contact us today to see if you qualify. We have a great success rate at getting personal information removed from search results and will be able to advise you on the best way to move forward.

Hiding Negative News Articles in Google Search Results

In cases where the content is not able to be removed, we can hide and suppress it so that people no longer see it. This is online reputation management and it is a way to remove negative content from page of Google and replace it with positive content that you control. We provide online reputation management services for businesses and individuals worldwide. Reputation Station has strategies to demote and suppress all kinds of content in search engines so if the content is not removed by Google, we remove it from view.

This is done by appealing to the complex algorithms that dictate what is displayed when a search is made.

Don’t Let Negative News Articles Ruin Your Reputation!

If you are looking to hide negative search results of any kind, contact us today and get a FREE QUOTE!

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Removing Negative News Articles