Remove Negative Search Results

If you want to repair your online reputation you will probably want to remove negative search results that display in a Google search for your name or business…

Can I remove search results from Google?

When you first find something written about you online, it is very upsetting. It can cause so much damage to your personal image and reputation. It is hard for people to trust you if you have something defamatory written about you and posted on a website.
With so many websites that rank high in search engines and show people things that you don’t want them to see, it can be very daunting. But we can help.

We can repair your damaged reputation

In order to repair damage to your reputation you have to be able to either remove it at the source, or remove it from search results. It is generally difficult to remove negative content from a 3rd party website.

Why won’t they remove my negative search results from Google?

Webmasters and journalists do not wish to remove content from their own websites, especially if they are strong pages with good metrics. This means that the page is shared on social media, linked to by other websites, ranks well in search results, and has a good amount of traffic to the website. These all help the main website look better in Google’s algorithms, so purely from a logical point of view, people are unwilling to remove their content.

Other reasons why a webmaster will not remove your unflattering and damaging search results…

If for example you have found a news story that makes you look bad… By contacting the newspaper to remove it, you run the risk of them updating the article and making it rank higher than before.
Is it in the public interest to have your article published? If you have found a negative article that is ranking when people search for your name then you will know the panic this causes. In many cases Google will not remove the article from their search results, and the newspaper will not remove the article simply because it is in the public’s interest to have it up online.

We can repair your online reputation!

There are many reasons why a website owner, social media channel, blogger or directory listing will not remove content that harms your image and reputation. If you want to remove, hide, suppress, bury or de-index content on the Internet, contact us today for a FREE QUOTE.

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Remove Negative Search Results