Remove Negative News Articles Online

Remove online news stories and articles from news websites

News articles tend to rank very high in Google because they are on strong domains and are visited by a lot of people every day. This means that the website itself has very good ranking factors. Google displays content based on what it feels is the most relevant information, so negative articles about you can cause a lot of damage.

News Articles Rank for your name in search results

Whether this negative article is on a strong website like BBC, The Telegraph or Daily Mail… or whether it is on a local newspaper – they still have a lot of power and authority, and a high readership, so they tend to show at the top of Google when people search for your name of your business.

News Articles Really Damage Your Reputation & Image

A lot of the time these news articles have your name in the content of the website and sometimes have even more personal information, such as an image or picture of you, as well as potentially your address or local area and any business information.

Even though there is the Google EU Right to Be Forgotten law, there is very limited protection for individuals and businesses when a negative news article displays in Google for your name etc…

Removing Negative News Articles From Google Search Results

But we can help hide and remove negative news articles whether they are on strong national newspapers or local newspapers. We have strategies to hide and suppress newspaper articles if we can not get them completely removed and deleted at the source.

Has your reputation been damaged by negative newspaper articles online?

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We have ways to completely repair your online reputation and we provide services globally in order to protect you in all variations of Google.

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Remove Negative News Articles Online