Rebranding Your Image

Rebranding is more popular than ever now. As the Internet develops, and companies come under more intense scrutiny, even big companies are needing to rebrand.

With every scandal and unflattering news story you can see big corporations, politicians sports stars, celebrities, businesses, individuals and basically anybody having to answer questions about their credibility. Many have to deal with having their reputation being attacked.


PR nightmares have become more and more frequent so what can you do to rebrand your image and repair a damaged reputation?

Firstly you always have to understand the problem and tackle it face on. Even If you haven’t doing anything wrong, or it’s been misconstrued you have to fix that issue. The phrase “there is no smoke without fire” often applies in the minds of potential customers and consumers even if your case is unique.

So even if you haven’t done anything wrong and the negative search results are unfounded and untrue you still have to go out of your way to force a new image into people’s minds.

Rebranding basically means taking control of what people see on the Internet when they search for you. This is called reputation management and it works like this…

We develop and maintain profiles which we push up to page 1 and fill with positive information about you. We build your brand image by dominating the results pages in search engines. We create extra websites, social media profiles, press releases, directory listings, articles, reviews and a wealth of images and videos that your target base will see when they look for you. This replaces and hides negative information that damages yourcredibility and reputation.

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Rebranding Your Image