Protecting Your Online Brand

Online Brand Protection?

The idea of your online brand might seem a bit strange. The Internet changed everything when it came to prominence around the start of the millennium. Of course some people had been using the Interent for some time before this, but with the emergence of Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the 2nd wave and 3rd wave of powerful social media profiles that followed, it has slowly dawned on people that your online brand is one of the most important factors in your success today.

But really though… Do I have to protect my online brand?

If you are reading this, then you have probably already realised that you do have to. Many people and businesses only start caring about their brand identity and reputation after it has been damaged. Online reputation was not anything to worry about back in the day. A reputation was generally built locally and word would spread via word of mouth… From there marketing and advertising with print media, TV, and radio would allow businesses of all sizes to promote an image, build a brand and develop their market share. – Not anymore.

The Internet can destroy your reputation

While businesses in the past could enjoy a much simpler life, they did not have to worry about what people see when they search for their business online, because there was no online. Fast forward to today and their are many threats to your online reputation…

  • Negative Reviews
  • Customer complaints
  • Forum threads
  • Social Media complaints
  • Videos
  • News stories
  • Blogs
  • Consumer advice portals

These are just the basics that you have to cover… If you already have a negative or damaged reputation you will know easy it is for someone to attack you, destroy your reputation in Google, and leave you with very little recourse.

In order to repair the damage and protect your brand reputation you must be proactive.

Brand Reputation Management Services

We work to remove and permanently delete negative search results and damaging content. If they can not be removed we suppress, bury and replace it with a network of positive assets that dominate search results for your brand and all variations.

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Protecting Your Online Brand