Protecting Your Digital Privacy Online

DIGITAL-PRIVACY-REPUTATIONIt’s a very real concern. Our privacy is very important to us as human beings and our digital privacy is under threat more than ever nowadays.

Things can show up online that damage your privacy. So how do you repair the damage? And how can you protect yourself from future attacks?

Pictures and Images that you don’t want people to see

If you have pictures that you want to hide we can help. Generally we find that some people have uploaded pictures to Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites, and now they show up in Google when they search their name. This means that everyone else can see them if they ever look up their name. This can completely destroy their reputation and invades their privacy.

If a potential employer searches for someone before deciding whether they should employ them and finds photos of them in an unflattering light, they will be reluctant to choose them. Many of our clients that have unwanted images n the Internet are worried that this will negatively impact their chances of getting a job.

Hide unwanted images and content from view!

When unwanted images appear in search results it gives the wrong impression but you can protect yourself with online reputation management.

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Protecting Your Digital Privacy Online