Negative Business Reviews Online

-reputation-bad-reviewOne of the worst things you can find online as a business owner is a negative review. They seriously damage your credibility and turn potential customers away. They look terrible and destroy your reputation so what can you do?

Let’s be honest… Negative Reviews Don’t Just Disappear.

Beware of companies telling you that they can remove them. It’s a lie. They can’t. The only people that can remove a negative review is the website itself, or the person that wrote it. In most cases this will not work because online review websites are designed to allow anyone to share their view.

The real way to deal with bad business reviews

positive-customer-reviews-onlineThe only way to properly hide and replace damaging customer reviews is to develop a network of positive information that is optimised in order to rank over the negative and push it down off page 1. This is called business reputation management, and it is extremely effective.

By dominating page 1 we replace search results which damage your reputation, and showcase your positives. When people search for you instead of finding content that will discourage them from doing business with you, they find content that converts them into customers.

Every time a customer reads something bad about you, they will go elsewhere. This is why companies with 5 star ratings do better than companies with 1 star reviews. So changing this is one of the most important things you can do for your business.

We can fully protect your business with a reputation management campaign. Contact us today for a free quote and we can help you get back on track!

Negative Business Reviews Online