Lessons learned from Sony reputation scandal

As we have seen from the leaked email scandal, Sony company are not immune from having a bad reputation. With so many companies suffering from negative press and having their reputations damaged through emails, employees that have not maintained their privacy, and obviously in this situation, company information that is unflattering being shown to the public. It is very important that businesses of all sizes realize the importance of protecting their online reputation and ensuring that that is protected at all times. You never know when things can happen to hurt your business, and negative information can show up to damage your business reputation.

Beware of what you write private emails.

Every company is at the mercy of customer reviews! When potential customers read negative reviews and find complaints from the customers this kind of thing is so damaging to your brand image, and it has a very negative affect on you online reputation.

In this day and age you have to be whiter than white. It is one thing to have a good company and provide a good service, but if your employees are doing anything to upset your customers such as being rude to them, not delivering on promises, mis-selling, lying to them, using Scam or dodgy tactics etc… This may give you some short-term positives, you may get some extra sales and find some extra income from these tactics… but ultimately you will be going in to trouble. In this day and age customers are very quick to go to the Internet, and write a bad review! One unhappy customer that has been lied to, and feels ripped off can destroy your Internet reputation, and cause a lot of damage to your credibility.

It is far more valuable to have a good work ethos that obeys and that he’s too good sales practices and a and has to integrity. You have customers looking for businesses that have a good reputation reputation is everything in the online world when customer service for you they want to know that you are a respectable and trustworthy company Building trust online and having a good image so important to strengthening your business I’m growing you online image.

Practice what you preach

Just Sony has massive brand has the reputation for delivering impeccable son is being a world leader in film and technology. but as we have seen from the hiking sandals emails so he has not been practicing what he preaches it is been very easy for hiking groups to infiltrate and take down that online services for PlayStation just as Microsoft has awesome song with that Xbox network as well even Jurin the Christmas. But these companies how’s being hacked and thousands and thousands of unhappy customers were not able to use the services because they are not practicing the invincible image that they preach. If you produce self on providing a great service for an excellent quality product you will be done when people read reviews about the pool quality of your product or how they have been dealt badly by a customer services employees is having a bad day to a customer they may feel like it’s not to be due the end of the day and that’s how I had a live being and I haven’t had much sleep, blog Loblaw but that is no excuse for poor customer service when it comes to what is being written on the Internet something with that unemployed he may feel is a very small and minor thing can be into for him to read and then to review social media outburst or any number of negative things dramatically Reputation.

Deliver on every promise every time

If you promise you’ll customers something you have to deliver. It’s made like you can say one thing and do another. Time you make it to Wegmans but if you’re guaranteeing things and then you’ll customers I’m not receiving that guaranteed promise they will complain as well, but, it is much harder to protect station because it is the most important thing is to run business you will being watched and scrutinize because at the end of the day you all.

People very quick to go right and they could you review and you’re happy customers very rarely have the energy or inclination to write a positive review that fool you must minimize the negative effects that your actions according on your Business reputation.

We can help protect your business online and in sure that you have the online reputation that you need.

We can high negative results which is dodging you reputation sure that when people search for you they only find positive things which builds in then mind that image you are wishing to project

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Lessons learned from Sony reputation scandal