How To Improve Your Online Reputation

If you’re looking for tips on how you can repair your reputation, build your brand, and strengthen your grip on page 1 of search results, you have come to the right place…

In order to build your reputation you need to influence what people see

First off you need to analyse the search results when you type in your name or business name. How many positions on page 1 do you control? Your website should be in position 1. Underneath it should be strong social media profiles, directories, articles, positive reviews, blogs and additional websites that promote you.

improve-your-reputationMy Reputation Has Been Damaged!

If you have a bad online reputation then the task facing you is complicated. For example, negative reviews or news articles which say disparaging and harmful things about you or your business, often rank favourably in search engines.

News articles are hard to remove from page 1 because these websites have a lot of authority. A lot of people visit them everyday, they get shared on social media websites, the news can be syndicated and linked to.

All of these factors mean that this website won’t drop to page 2 by creating a few social media profiles. In order to develop websites that dominate search results, the websites have to optimised.


They have to be developed from the ground up so that they appeal to the complex algorithms that control how content is ranked.

When they are better than the negative websites at filling the criteria they will rank above them.

Pushing the bad stuff further and further down… where no one will see it.

Reputation Management is About Controlling The Conversation

Taking control of your online reputation is essential

You have to make a change, and things will only change WHEN YOU DO

If you control WHAT people see,
You show them what YOU WANT them to see.
And you control your online reputation.


How To Improve Your Online Reputation