How is your brand image shaping up?

brand-reputation-managementHow your company is seen online is one of the biggest factors determining how successful you are. Your online reputation has to mirror the image that you want to project. Look at any big brand and you will see that they constantly reinforce their positives and are very good at hiding and removing negative press.

If your online reputation is taking a beating due to negative reviews, a news story or comments online which say bad things about you, you will notice that this hits you right where it hurts. For a company it destroys profit margins, and for individuals it damages their identity and image.

Online Reputation Management Repairs The Damage

When businesses want to remove a bad review from Google and control how people see them when they search online, they use reputation management. This is the process of creating new websites, social media profiles, reviews, articles, press releases and blogs which highlight their positives. These are then optimised to appeal to Google’s algorithms so that they rank on the first page when people look for you online.

By controlling what people see when they search for you, we hide bad reviews and negatives things which affect your online image. We can push these down where people no longer see them and replace them with things which you want them to see!

Online Reputation Management is the future of online marketing

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How is your brand image shaping up?