How is social media affecting your reputation?

Social media plays a massive part in both of our business and personal life. But how is your use of social media affecting your business, and is it good, bad or ugly?

All big companies and corporations have a huge social media presense. Coca-Cola has so many Facebook friends and Twitter followers that it could take over the world with one well-written message. That is social power. But even knowing this, many small businesses are falling so far begind because they refuse… or don’t know how to use social media properly in order to grow their business.

Protect your business with social media

We help businesses protect and repair their online image and social media is a huge part of this. By developing a network of social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Tumblr etc… and optimising them into a full network for your company, we can ensure that people see what you want them to see and most importantly… you control what people see, how they see it, and when they see it.

If you currently have negative search results, customer complaints and bad feedback that shows up online when you do a search for your name or business name – YOU NEED REPUTATION MANAGEMENT!

But why is your reputation important? Well if you are trying to compete today in business it has never been easier to be taken down and destroyed by having negative reviews, complaints and bad press on the internet. You need to protect your business” image and promote your strengths.

No Social Media means no protection

Leaving your reputation in the hands of customers and competitors is a big no no! Using social media as a platform allows you to control the conversations, engage easily with unhappy people and taking the conversation away from the internet and deal with it in a more private manner. Handled properly social channels allow you to deal with customers complaints without letting everyone see everything at all times!

Remember your digital footprint stays online, and if you don’t make changes to protect your business on the internet, negative search results will stay forever and eat away at your success. The cost of doing nothing is far greater than paying a company to repair and rebuild your reputation.

We provide complete internet reputation protection services for businesses and individiuals. Contact us today for a free quote!

How is social media affecting your reputation?