How Google Auto Suggest Affects Your Reputation

Some suggestions provided by Google Auto Suggest can actually help Google users find your website.

If someone starts searching for your name and the auto suggest has picked up suggestions from previous searches, or content within Google’s index it can be terrible for your reputation.

Searches that add negative keywords like ‘Scam’, ‘rip-off’, ‘complaints’ etc… are a red flag to potential customers. So even if they don’t read negative things from search results, the auto-suggest alone damages your credibility.

For example, assume that your name is John Smith and that you run a modeling agency. If you can manage to get “John Smith modeling agency” to come up as a suggestion when people look for John Smith, then you increase the odds of getting new visitors to your website.

Affects of Search Suggestions on Business Reputation 


Conversely, the search suggestion “John Smith modeling scam” could be devastating to your business. As a business owner, your goal is to avoid potentially negative suggestions while influencing the tool to provide positive phrases that will help promote your business.

Influencing Google Search Suggest


When a negative search suggestion shows up, you look bad.

If you have negative google search suggestions you have to act decisively to fix it.

Google has a complex algorithm that controls what people see when they search. This means that the negative search terms have been incorporated because Google can see a theme in the content of the search results it has found .

A Google Search bot indexes content it finds and also gains information from link “anchor text”, page titles, domain names, image alt tags, categories, headers and themes within data it reads.


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How Google Auto Suggest Affects Your Reputation