How do I remove search results from Google?

The Online Reputation Management world has been set a buzz with the recent EU ruling against Google. It told the people in EU countries that they have the right to be forgotten

You can read more about the right to be forgotten here

reputation-management-right-to-be-forgottenWhat Does this mean for Hiding Personal information in Google?

Well Google was quick to explain that you won’t be able to simply delete private and personal information. If your personal information is to be deleted, it will need to fall in to a certain category.

Things you can’t remove from Google search results

The #RightToBeForgotten doesn’t wash if you have committed a crime, if it’s in the public’s interest, if you are member of parliament of an authority. If it deems it relevant.

So it’s not a cut and dried situation. Google will most likely not remove your information just because you don’t like it.

So how does this affect your online reputation?

Because your online reputation is so important it is clear that Google will not just listen to everyone who asks them. The process is still very unclear and their will no doubt be a lot of court time and expenses spent before this one becomes clearer.

How Online Reputation Management Can Help!

If Google will not remove your content and you need to hide something from search results you can contact us now. We help businesses and individuals replace and push down negative content that they don’t want people to see.

Online Reputation Management Protects Your Credibility.

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How do I remove search results from Google?