How do I remove bad business reviews?

So you found bad business reviews online and you are not happy.


You might be angry, but don’t make a bad situation a terrible situation. Do not reply to these bad reviews because this will only make it worse.

We need to remove these bad reviews from the view of other people so they don’t have a negative image of you.

Customers see bad reviews and they go elsewhere

Cold facts of life. So we need to change that. We have strategies to repair, manage and rebuild your online image so whether these appear in Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Product Review (or any of the hundreds of business review sites online), we can help!

In most circumstances the website will not remove them. So we have to remove the website itself from search results, or start a strategy of turning those negative review websites into a hub of positivity.

For a free quote on removing bad business reviews and repairing your online reputation contact us now…

How do I remove bad business reviews?
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