How a Negative Reputation Affects Your Business

How can a negative reputation affect you and your business prospects?

The results of a negative online reputation may be as subtle as a user clicking on a competitor’s search result instead of yours or as damaging as an industry-wide boycott of your products and/or services. They can affect your credibility as a company, which can influence potential investors as well as customers. This can lead to long -term financial implications.

A bad reputation deters potential customers

fix+negative+business+reputation+online+googleWhen potential customers, employees, the media and others are seeking out information about your company online you want them to find positive information.

Additionally, you want them to find useful information, which work to shape their opinion of your business and future brand.

Negative Search Results = Negative Business Results

If the first search results users see on Google are negative, it can really damage your image. Our goal is to ensure your potential customers see your company in a positive light and make a great first impression.

How do we remove negative reviews or articles from page one of Google?

We work to completely remove all negative news stories and websites from page # 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo for the chosen search terms, often a name of a person or business and it’s variations.

Our team not only removes offending websites from page #1 but repairs and builds your brand and reputation online.

We create mini-sites, social profiles, press releases, write reviews and articles in order to rank for the targeted keywords, which is either your name and/or business name. Our goal is to populate as many positions on page #1 as possible with positive information.

We link these various profiles together to create a network of positive websites that we optimise through advanced SEO techniques. This builds the authority of all the websites that we create for you, and drives traffic, which can be used to promote yourself and your business in the long term.



How a Negative Reputation Affects Your Business