Hiding Negative Comments & Complaints Online

Negative Comments and Complaints on the internet


It’s very easy to write a bad review of a company. With so many review websites on the internet it only takes a few minutes and someone can start damaging your credibility, costing you business, hurting your success moving forward and ruining reputation.

Hiding Damaging Search Results…

These review websites generally show up very high on Google and other search engines because they are established websites, they get a lot of daily visitors and they have a lot of links from other websites.

When you search for your company online and find complaints and bad reviews it looks very bad, and this means that any potential customers searching for your products or services can see them.

Online Reputation Management Repairs the Damage!

The damage that these offending reviews cause is obvious, so to repair your reputation you need to engage in online reputation management. This is the act of replacing the negative search results with websites, social media profiles, directory listings and a wide range of other online profiles which promote you and say positive things about you.

Online reputation management isn’t just removing negative search results, but replacing them with profiles that strengthen your business, help you engage with potential customers, earn your more money and protect you against future attacks.

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Hiding Negative Comments & Complaints Online