Help My Business is under attack!

Due to the anonymous nature of the Internet it is very easy to attack a business or a person online and damage their internet reputation. The threats come from many different sources, such as unhappy customers, disgruntled employees, competitors and anyone that has an interest in damaging your image.

It is extremely easy to damage the reputation of a business. If you have negative online reviews you will know that it is a simple case of setting up an account and posting a bad review, and those reviews generally get published within hours of submitting them. It is then very difficult to remove them.

Online Reputation Attacks are Common

It is often very difficult to know who has damaged your reputation because an anonmyous profile can be created. In many cases the writer’s true identity is hidden. As a result of this it is important for any business to protect and insure against these kind of attacks by dominating and controlling search results for their business.

Businesses that have been slammed online and people that have been wronged personally want to take back control of their online image. The most effective way to do is to actually own and monitor the results on page 1. This way you are less open to attacks.

Reputation Management is an effective way to protect your business from online attacks.  We set up a network of positive information and use it to outrank negative and offensive comments, news stories, reviews, insults… EVERYTHING. This way when people search for you, they find what you want them to see.

It’s our mission to dominate the whole of page 1 with positive information. And we can go back as far as you like. Reputation Management allows you to completely change your online image.

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Help My Business is under attack!