Has Someone Damaged Your Reputation?

A lot of people have found that other businesses, competitors and customers have damaged their reputation by writing derogatory comments about them and hurting their online reputation.

Customer reviews can be very bad for your company. A few bad reviews online means a dramatic loss in your profits!

So what do you do about damage to your reputation?


Well the first thing is take it seriously! This is your business and someone has damaged your credibility. This affects your ability to earn money so you have to fix it properly… What does that entail?Any business needs to have complete control of what people see when they do a Google search.

A search result that says something negative about you or your business is the enemy and it must be pushed down where people will not read it. You have to replace them with a lot of positive information… Websites, blogs, social media channels, positive review websites, directory listings, articles, press releases, forum comments and build a network so that these profiles rise up in search rankings and replace.

This is a lot of work and it’s hard to do if you don’t know anything about search engine optimisation. This is why reputation management companies are so important in clearing your name, replacing negativity and helping you turn a negative into a positive.

Reputation Station can take your negative image and turn into an opportunity. We develop a network so strong that it promotes you, engages with customers and builds your business. Don’t let other people damage your online reputation. Fight back!


Has Someone Damaged Your Reputation?