Get my name off Google search!

When I search on Google my name shows up with bad comments about me. The negative search results are affecting my image and I want to remove these articles when people look up my name. Can you do that?

Only Google Can Remove Search Results…

So if something bad shows up when you search for your name on Google you have to get the webmaster to remove it or ask Google to remove it. But Google won’t delete a page from the rankings just because you don’t want people seeing it.

So I’m just stuck then? No… You have to hide negative search results and replace them with positive information. In order to repair your online reputation you have to develop a network of information and optimise it to replace the offending websites that harm your credibility…

This is not easy as you have to appeal to Google algorithms and ensure that you build solid and valuable websites that Google wants to display.

In order to protect your name and fix your online reputation you need to employ an online reputation management company. Reputation Station specialises in helping people and businesses protect their online image.

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Get my name off Google search!