Fight For Your Business Reputation

You gotta fight…
for your right…
to have a good online reputation


The task that businesses face nowadays is very different to how it was 10 years ago.

Think back to 2004. It almost seems primitive. Many businesses didn’t even have websites.

Facebook and the whole social media boom was in its infancy, and no one seemed to care about business reviews!!

Back now to 2014 and everyone has to be concerned with their online reputation, and this is why reputation management is at the forefront of business owners’ mind’s.

Repair Your Reputation Or Lose

You either have a good online image, or your business fails. People read reviews before they make a purchase. On the whole we as consumers are more informed than ever. So if you have bad business reviews people are going to run a mile. If they hear your service or product is bad why would they waste their money?

BOTTOM LINE = Every time someone reads something negative about you, you lose money!

party-late-reputationAre You Late To The Party?

Being late to the party sucks. If you only got a website after all your competitors, then you are running behind them. But if you are looking to race ahead and make more money, you have to promote yourself properly.

Having a website doesn’t make you an online legend… it’s the bare minimum, and it shows to your potential customers…

If they search for you and find negative articles, customer complaints, poor reviews or anything less than complimentary they won’t do business with you.

What do search results say about your business?

If you don’t dominate the first page with positive results that strengthen your company, then you are leaving it up to your competitors or customers to control your online reputation. This isn’t good. And it must change.

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Fight For Your Business Reputation