Facebook can damage your reputation!

Facebook reputation managementSharing your pictures and status updates on Facebook can be a great way to promote yourself online. As part of a reputation management campaign you can utilise the power of Facebook and other social profiles but it doesn’t always work in your favour…

We deal with a lot of clients who need reputation repair services because of Facebook, and there are a number of ways in which Facebook can damage your online image or brand identity.

How Facebook damages your online reputation

Well first up, be careful what you put on Facebook as you don’t know where this information could end up! Something that seems fun at the time can turn around and bite you down the line. We see this regularly where potential employees check Facebook to see if interviewees are living a bit too dangerously at the weekend, and do background checks.

This is bad enough, because Orwellian surveillance of people is wrong on so many levels, but for businesses it can get much worse.

If not looked after and managed accordingly, a business can be destroyed by poor Facebook management… We have seen it before when companies start a social media channel with the best intentions but then leave it when they don’t instantly reap the benefits. They can become the victim of negative reviews and comments from disgruntled customers and if this is no dealt with properly, can be seen to not care about them. This is always a bad thing!

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Facebook can damage your reputation!
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