Does Your Business Have a Bad Reputation?

company-bad-reputation-onlineIf you have bad reviews online, you look bad!

It might sound obvious but so many companies have bad reviews, and it’s causing them a lot of problems. Many of these businesses have these bad reviews because of competitors posting fake comments, and angry customers that are intentionally setting out to harm them.

Looking bad on the internet just won’t do!

If you want to compete and be a success then bad reviews or negative search results have to go. If you do nothing about them then they just stay there causing more and more damage. If you tackle them and reply then you can make it even worse… so what do you do when your company has a bad reputation on the internet?

Don’t Get Angry! Start The Charm Offensive


It is not easy to fix and repair your online reputation. This is why reputation management is a very complex issue, and this is why it has to be taken seriously. We develop a network of websites, social media profiles, articles, blogs, press-releases that promote your positives. We optimise this network to dominate page 1 and replace the negative search results.

Reputation Management Works!

Owning and controlling page 1 allows you to have full control of what people see when they search for you, so not only do they not see any negative anymore… they see all positive. And you are dictating what positive news they see. It is an extremely powerful tool to protect your business, repair damage and promote the kind of online reputation you can be proud of.

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Does Your Business Have a Bad Reputation?