Defending Your Reputation Online

Defending Your Online Reputation is Essential

angry_customer+negative+reviews+online+bad+reputation+managementIf your reputation has come under attack on the Internet you will no doubt be very upset and wanting to respond quickly…

Make sure that you do not reply angrily to a negative review, or a complaint about you online –  without thinking very very carefully.

We help businesses and individuals who are suffering from Internet attacks of all kinds.


Defending a reputation is a very important and strategic process that must not be rushed, so before you think about responding to a negative comment about you or your business… THINK AGAIN.

Repair Your Online Reputation The Right Way

poor+reviews+bad_reputation_management_for_businessThe most effective way to repair your reputation and defend your image is to get that post off the Internet. In some cases we can go to the forum, or website, and get it removed completely.

If it is not possible to remove the article that you want to remove, it must be suppressed and buried.

If you reply to a negative comment then you can make the situation much worse, and a lot of the time somebody who is attacking you will want to engage in an argument with you. This only causes more damage to your reputation.

You can cause more damage by replying – so you have to be strategic!

This is the worst case scenario because it only adds fuel to the fire. If you have been attacked online and you start replying and commenting it means that, they then come back and reply to you… This then fills the website with more information, and this adds ranking factors to the website –  which makes it stronger and it then ranks higher in Google. So when people search for you or your business in the search engine, it will have more power and authority.

Don’t Respond To Negative Comments About Youcustomer_complaints_bad+reputation_online

This makes your situation much worse. You must deny any negative search results the attention that it is getting. It must be systematically and strategically buried and replaced so the people do not see it.

Defending your online image is a very important aspect of your business strategy.

Hiding, Removing & Burying Negative Reviews & Complaints

By allowing negative reviews or angry customers to post bad things about you, and for them to show up on page one in searches for your business, you are allowing them to control your brand image and affect the way you grow and develop.

This cannot happen. You must take control of your online image and reputation, in order to defend the integrity, credibility and reputation of your business.

The same is true if you are an individual who has been attacked.

You must defend your reputation by taking control of search results and ensuring that negative search results do not gain additional comments and traction.

repair+business+reputation-Reputation_stationIt may be very tempting to reply angrily… When you first read something negative about you or your business online but you must resist!

This is not the way to deal with it, and from a distance people reading it only see two people arguing. They do not know who is right and who was wrong… but they the damage to your reputation still happens.

Negative search results and reputation management issues must be killed with kindness. You have to bury angry replies and mud throwing under positive assets that you control.

We provide complete online reputation management services for businesses and individuals.

We can help repair the damage on form of negative news articles, bad reviews, forum comments, customer complaints, angry ex-employees, competitors etc…

You name it we can help you. In order to defend and protect your image you must take the proper action. This is why online reputation management has become so important since social media, review websites,and the development of Google means that it is very easy for somebody to attack and damage your reputation, and how you react will determine how successful you will be in the future.

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Defending Your Reputation Online