Customer Complaints Damaging Your Credibility


Keeping customers happy is important. Word of mouth spreads very quickly so it’s always a good idea to keep happy customers, who will give you great reviews.

But when an unhappy customer leaves a bad review online it can be terribly damaging to a company’s image. Bad reviews really don’t look good. You can’t just remove them either. You have to develop a protective barrier to hide it, replace it, push it away! It harms your credibility. When a negative review is posted online it’s there for everyone to see.

– They usually show up on page 1 of Google when people search for your company name as well so this destroys confidence in your brand… and pushes potential customers into the arms of your competitors!

What is even worse… Sometimes it’s your competitors that are deliberately harming your reputation on the internet by posting fake negative reviews and bogus complaints. Deleting and removing bad reviews from review websites is notoriously difficult because most review websites won’t just take it down because you don’t like it… Imagine how many people request for a bad review to be removed from TripAdvisor every day. Hundreds if not thousands of unhappy business owners attempt to get negative business reviews removed but very few are able to have their wish granted!

Customer Complaints Damage Your Businessbusiness-reviews-affect-reputation

So what do you do? Well firstly you must realise that the reason this is causing damage to your business’ credibility is because people can see it.

If you are in control of what people see, and how they see you, then you are not at the mercy of external websites that an say whatever they wan about you without any defense.

Online reputation management allows you to control what people see when they search for you online as we develop an entire network of websites, profiles, directories, blogs and reviews about your business which showcase your positives. We optimize and strengthen this network to dominate page 1 of Google and show potential customers that you have a strong and positive image.

Take back control of how people perceive you on the Internet.

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Customer Complaints Damaging Your Credibility