Can You Delete a Negative Search Result?

We have experience in actually removing a website, article, images from search results altogether. Generally a reputation management company will hide, bury and suppress search results so that people no longer see them. This works in most cases, but sometimes it is possible to delete and remove a negative review, a blog article, news article or anything else that is causing you harm.

Negative Search Results Damage Your Reputation Online

remove-negative-search-results-delete-onlineIt is not a simple case of deleting it though. With the EU Right To Be Forgotten ruling in 2014, we do have some powers in certain cases you get Google to remove something negative from the search index.

This is primarily concerned with out of date and irrelevant content, but we have had success removing negative search results for our clients in this.

We can hide and remove negative search results

If you have something you would like to remove, or anything that is damaging your online reputation, contact us today to see how we can help. With online reputation management you get to have control of what people see when they search for you on the Internet and we can defend, protect and repair your online reputation whether you are a business, or just for personal reasons.


Can You Delete a Negative Search Result?