Building Your Business Reputation Online

How you look on the Internet defines you as a business.

You have in your mind what your company is…. But that is your image of your business.

 good+choice+build+positive+online+reputation+brand+reputation+managementWhat people see when they search for you online is the true indication. If your business has a poor image online then you will suffer. If your business is strong and dominates search results, has positive conversations about your products on Social Media, glowing positive reviews and a lot of content then you are on the way to building the kind of reputation that will allow you to grow and develop.

Dealing with negative reviews

If you have negative reviews or complaints the worst thing you can do is reply in an angry tone and go on the offensive. Negativity breeds negativity. How you deal with customer complaints in the short-term will affect how your business moves forward in the long-term.

We have dealt with many businesses that have good products and provide a great service, but one employee can misrepresent the business and cause a PR nightmare. It is essential that you keep customers happy, and when they do complain, that you deal with them in the right way.

In certain situations hiding and removing negative reviews is possible. This is how companies repair damage to their business image and reputation.

Dealing with online customer complaints

wrecked+reputation+online+business+repuatation+management+company+repairRemember this the Internet! Just because it’s on an Internet forum, it doesn’t mean that other people can’t see it. Negative forum threads, arguments and complaints stay around way longer than you think they would. Strong established forums have a lot of longevity and rank vary well for businesses and brands. Consult us on how best to deal with customers if you are in the midst of crisis. How you act will have far reaching consequences.

What damages your reputation

A lack of positive content in search results means that when potential customers are researching before their purchase… they don’t find you. Or they find limited information. How can you expect to attract good customers if you are not out there in their mind and in their search results. Having one social media profile won’t help. You have to be a leader in your industry.

We write at least 4 articles a week about reputation management.

We tell people the most up-to-date information about industry trends and we give out free advice.

Why do we do this? Won’t this stop people using our reputation management services? No!

online+repuatation+recovery+repair+damaged+business+repuatation+online+reputation+stationPeople need to know that you are the kings at what you do.

We show that we know what we are talking about, and that we know how to help you.

This is what builds a reputation.

This what builds a successful company, brand and reputation.

Positive & Negative Brand Connotations

What makes a good brand? If you have links with negative activity, bad customer services, bad services, rip-offs or anything at all that detracts from the image you want to portray, your brand suffers. Your brand connotations are everything online. When people search for your business… what do they see? Do they see that you dominate every result on page 1 with positive results or do you have negative brand connotations that are damaging your credibility and ability to compete?

Building a positive online reputation

Ultimately we work to build you a positive reputation. If you don’t have a positive online reputation you are losing out.

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Building Your Business Reputation Online