Bad Reviews

How do I remove a bad review online?

The simple and quickest answer is that you can not remove a review from the website once it’s been posted. This might not be what you wanted to hear but read on to actually get an answer on what can be done!

Okay so going back to removing a bad review… If the review is extremely bad, defamatory, libelous and particularly incendiary then you may have luck by asking the review website to remove it.

Fake & Unfair Business Reviews

Even if the review is unfair, and even if it is fake and fabricated the review website will still not remove it unless it satisfied that it is obviously fake. A long, drawn out and time wasting procedure may then ensue but at the end of the day the review will still remain online and be there for everybody to see.

Going the legal route. You can get a solicitor to begin a case against either the person who posted the negative review all the review website itself but this is very expensive and extremely unlikely to work. We work with legal firms who pass their clients onto us after the legal route has failed. This illustrates how hard it is to remove a bad review once it has been posted online.

But it is ruining my reputation!

Many business owners contact Google itself to remove a bad review from the Internet, but again these reviews still remain. So what can actually be done? And how can you repair the damage to your reputation and move forward stronger?

Online reputation management is the only way to remove bad reviews from view and replace them with positive information that you control. Reputation management hides bad information and negative search results and it replaces them with promotional, useful information which strengthens your brand image.

Controlling Your Online Reputation

Once you own every result on page 1, negative reviews will never be a problem again, and you will always be able to show your customers what you want them to see… This is the only way to really truly take control of your image online.

Reputation management has become so popular in recent years and every major brand in the world has their own reputation management team. It is online PR, and it’s how they remain competitive in spite of negative reviews and damaging news stories. Don’t think for one second that these businesses don’t have negative reviews… they are just very very good at hiding them!!

Small Business Reputation Management

It is only now that smaller businesses and individuals can actually harness the strength of online reputation management to maintain their credibility and compete in their industry.

If you have negative reviews, search results, or anything that you wish to hide from search engines, contact us now for a free quote! You can call us 24/7 or fill in our contact form below and we will get back to you straight away with a strategy.