Lessons Learned from Ashley Madison Leak

Leaked Private Information from Ashley Madison

On 20 July, hackers claimed to have stolen information about the 37 million accounts registered on the service.

The attackers posted a small amount of information they claimed to have stolen on the Pastebin website at that time and said all the data would be dumped unless the site closed down.

Swift action by Ashley Madison owner Avid Life Media got the initial links shared by the hackers removed.


When your reputation is attacked you have to respond quickly and effectively

There are so many threats to your private and personal information. An image you post on an app or to a website can come back and haunt you.


Be careful of what you post on Internet Forumsrepair+my+reputation_online_in_google+search_personal_information

User names in a forum can come back and haunt you as well. It is very common for people to want to  delete their whole account, and every post they have made, when someone can see what they don’t want them to see!

“Please delete all of my forum posts I am trying to get a job and I don’t want my new employers reading the things I have been posting on the Internet.”

In these cases it is very important to take action and repair your reputation by protecting your online image. Reputation Management protects you from people finding something that you want to keep hidden.


A threat to private information and your personal reputation

personal_reputation+management+services+internet+googleIf you cheat on your partner today you better be prepared to get caught out!

When something is sent across the Internet you never know who might see it… Protect yourself and dominate search results for your name and business so no one can damage your life!

How Ashley Madison Responded to the Hack

In order to repair their image of being private and discreet, and to help protect their clients, Ashley Madison have reportedly released false lists of names of their clients. This is done with the aim of diluting the amount of real information and hiding the negative content. This is how reputation management works.

A Fake list of names has been released

BBC commentates on it here


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Lessons Learned from Ashley Madison Leak