Are you the victim of Cyber Bullying?

Cyberbullying and harrassment online can damage your Image and reputation badly.  If you Are suffereing from cyber bullying we can help you.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying or cyberharassment is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic forms of contact. Cyberbullyinghas become increasingly common, especially among teenagers.

Cyber Harassment is the use of the Internet to harass, control, manipulate or habitually disparage a child, adult, business or group without a direct or implied threat of physical harm.

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What is doxing?

It has become a real problem in recent years that people can be doxed online for not having an opinion that is different to theirs.  Doxing is when information about someone is posted up online to make them look bad.  It can be anything from compromising and defamatory images, social media posts you have written, videos of you that can look negative, or anything that can be used against you to shame, embarrass and humiliate you online.

Someone doxed me and is harassing me online!

How to find out if you’ve been doxed…  If you search for your name or business and someone has posted negative comments, salacious and defamatory content about you, leaked images or video that paints you out to be a bad person, or anything that at that damages your online reputation, we can help you.

When you know you’ve been doxed it can be very distressing. It can feel like you’re life is over.  But we are here to help you.   Don’t let negative people damage your image and reputation, and the way people see you.  We specialise in repairing the online reputation of businesses and individuals globally.

Are you the victim of online harassment?

Internet harassment, also referred to as “cyberbullying”, is the term used to describe the use of the Internet to harass, threaten, or maliciously embarrass. It can involve behaviours such as: Sending unsolicited and/or threatening e-mail, posting damaging content about the victims on social media, and the internet in general.


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Are you the victim of Cyber Bullying?